About Victoria Lynn Ravenwood (Schmidt)

I once flew a cessna around the statue of liberty, the pilot just let go of the wheel!

…………………….. It’s important to make some great memories in life.

………………………………………………Always be your own Guru, you know what is best for you.


Victoria’s journey as an Author, Scholar, & Mystic has been one of following her heart & embracing change. Her career began with a tech start up company where she ran fractal algorithms based on chaos theory to assist fortune 500 companies in reaching their marketing goals. Her love of physics and higher concepts was born. A few years later she reawakened her childhood love of stories & myths and decided to follow her heart toward writing.


She left corporate America and spent a summer studying film and writing at NYU. From there she was awarded 1 of only 30 spots to study film at UCLA, so she packed up everything and moved to CA. While there she was told female characters were hard to sell and that there was no female hero’s journey model. So she set out to disprove that theory and wrote a book on the subject titled 45 Master Characters (15 years later it is still a bestseller in stores worldwide). Thus began her love of non-fiction writing & her career helping writers create stories with depth & meaning.

Most of her books have been translated into Korean & Chinese, & have been in print worldwide for over 15 years. Book in a Month was turned into a magazine available on newsstands and was featured in display cases in 600 B&N bookstores alongside Writer’s Guide to Characterization as part of a Nanowrimo event.

While an undergrad at UCLA, she received a full regents scholarship, was awarded membership in the Golden Key national honor society, got her first non-fiction book published by a major house, and a whole new career blossomed. She later attended Loyola Marymount where she continued her study of writing. She found her calling in sharing her wisdom and experiences in the written word. Finally her high IQ was an asset, allowing her to grasp profound abstract teachings (not just annoy her mother), while her creative training helped her to transform it into processes anyone could understand and apply. This new career gave her a good excuse to continue her intense training in all areas of healing and martial techniques as well as self help, quantum physics, and energetic therapies. In fact she read over 1400 books on these topics as well as studied with numerous masters in the field. She also received her PsyD in Psychology. She completed a 13 year mentorship with a woman who does energetic work in the military.

Since then she has published 5 books (translated into several languages) & numerous articles, lectured at national conferences, and been featured on TBS, Writers Digest Magazine, and BEA. At an early age she loved writing and often ‘directed’ her sisters & friends in their own versions of Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman. Being strong and magical just seemed normal and she never understood why any woman would settle for less. Though she’s always been very sensitive and empathic, in a world that sees that as a weakness. Spirituality has always been strong force in her life. Since the age of 9, she has experienced expanded states of awareness and often annoyed her mother with deep questions about the nature of life, consciousness, and personal power. She even begged her mom to let her become a nun, but her mom thought she was nuts, they weren’t very religious.

Life Mission Statement:

“I am committed to sharing my experience in such a way as to open others to the gifts & power around them. I love the extraordinary things, the curious things, the vibrant things that make up another side to life, the side few see, yet all want, without being able to name it. The side filled with moments where the soul is lit up with the wonder of a child. I am equally committed to finding the joy and laughter in all of life’s situations.


Author Mission Statement:

“Writing Dynamic Stories, we can educate and change the collective consciousness. Embarking on Dynamic Journeys, we can enhance our individual lives and positively change the world. I am all about guiding and Empowering readers to their own Greatness and Creativity. I love giving readers ‘ah-ha’ moments, and I enjoy pushing the limits of what readers think is possible.”

Unusual Facts:

  • Victoria is a direct descendent of the McCoys of the Hattfield and McCoys.
  • Her Uncle Jerry Gorney was posthumously awarded the silver star at age 24 in Viet Nam..
  • Her Great Great Grandpa Harry Cobb was in hiding for his life, due to working with Eleanor Roosevelt to change conditions in the coal mines.
  • She had family in the WTC that escaped and firemen friends who did not.
  • She was out in Hurricane Katrina because shelters wouldn’t allow dogs & she wouldn’t abandon him., driving hours to get ahead of it.


NYU- Film
UCLA- Film & Screenwriting & Social Studies
Loyola Marymount- Writing/Screenwriting
CalCoast – PsyD Psychology non-academic, available for license
Harvard – Graduate English
California Institute of Integral Sciences – PhD Consciousness Studied Focus

Martial Arts Training:

Japanese Jujitsu:
Michael DePasquale Jr.
Thomas Fressle

Chinese Qi Gong:
Sifu Matthew Cohen
Lee Holden

Life Training:

Jerry Seinfeld her laugh at life guru
Jack Canfield life success (marketing)
Pema Chodron
John O’Donohue
Z Budapest

Marketing and Biz Training:

Jack Canfield
Steve Harrison
Fabienne Frederikson
Oren Klaff

Quantum Physics Training:

Dr. John Hagelin
Dr. Amrit Goswami
Dr. Michio Kaku
Dr. Lynne McTaggart

Other Interests and Training:

Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuroscience, Native American spirituality, Horse whispering, Archery, Yogananda’s merging yoga with Christianity, Bellydancing, Catholic Mystics & Saints, Buddhism, Huna, TM Meditation, Indian Vedic Mantras, Osho Tantra, Vinyasa Yoga, Findhorn Foundation – nature as teacher, MAP, Feminine Spirituality, Story Structure, Enlightenment & Cosmic Consciousness, Cello & Hand Drum.

“Everyone should research their family tree, it can be quite fun! All this time us kids thought Grandma was going crazy when she told us these stories.” Education “The more I learn the more I love to share with others. Degrees are wonderful but knowledge and wisdom are two different things… and matters of the spirit are beyond both! Most of what I have learned comes from direct experience but I did enjoy my studies and definitely would recommend getting a good education to anyone.”


Her passion is to set up a fund for shelter animals and end euthanasia in the USA. “Dogs were very special to me growing up, I could not imagine being without one (or three) in my life.” Check out BestFriends.org and NKLA.org and K9connection.org


  • I believe in you.
  • You are the leading expert on your life.
  • I Believe in the Power of Laughter & Adventure They open us up at a soul level, making room for changes & miracles to occur.
  • I believe in having a success-based focus. I don’t dwell on the past, there may be something you need to speak about so you feel heard but as in many traditions you are only allowed to speak this story 3 times, then no more. Let the story go before it controls you. Focus on what successful people do to solve such issues.
  • I believe in Movements based on Creation not Destruction – don’t give me an anti-movement, give me a pro-movement that is focused on creating something wonderful in the world. What you focus on you get more of.
  • I believe that decision making is at the heart of change – when people say they took a year to give up smoking, what they mean is it took them a year to decide to quit, once the decision is made it’s done. Whatever steps need to be taken will now be taken, and that inner decision will create the determination to follow through.
  • Love & trust what is —Do not see your issue as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ see it for the gift of growth and healing it contains. This is the ultimate practice, to see the utter and total perfection of the moment. A car might breakdown, but perhaps the universe knows there would have been a horrible accident if you had made it closer to your destination.
  • I Believe traditional Martial Arts is Spritual Self Defense is self love, but it must be practiced with clear intention and rarely be offensive. Intention is the deciding factor in whether or not you accrue karma.
  • I believe in Having a Solid Foundation – Downward grounded energy, enables the upward current to flow properly and without a healing crisis. Get grounded first always!